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RIHS Science Award 2017 for Vincent Aengevaeren

Vincent- award 19 Feb 2019

On Tuesday 19th February, the "RIHS Koek & Zopie" was held. During this meeting, the winners of the RIHS PhD award, RIHS Science Award, RIHS Societal Impact Award and RIHS Supervisor of the year were announced, while enjoying hot chocolate and "snert".

The RIHS Science Award 2017, for best peer-reviewed scientific publication of 2017 within the RIHS was awarded to Vincent for his publication "Relationship between lifelong exercise volume and coronary atherosclerosis in athletes" inCirculation.

According to the jury: "The jury liked this study because it provided data about the apparent paradox that people with a higher amount of lifelong exercise and a higher life expectancy are more likely to have coronary atherosclerosis. The study hypothesized that this paradox may have to do with the composition of plaques. And, indeed, it showed that the plaques are more benign in people with higher exercise volumes. The study used sound methods, and described these methods in detail so that it is possible to replicate the findings. The results were presented in a very clear way. Unfortunately, the jury did not see immediate clinical relevance yet, and it would also be nice to see whether the results hold up in women and in other races. Nevertheless, the study is very innovative and therefore picked up by international media"

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