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Statins & muscules

Four Days Marches 2018

4daagse3 20 Jul 2018

Statins (lipid-lowering drugs) are among the most widely prescribed medications, because they markedly reduce the incidence of major cardiovascular events by lowering LDL-cholesterol. However, muscle symptoms such as fatigue, myalgia, cramps, stiffness and tenderness are expected to occur in 15-20% of statin users, which may lead to nonadherence to statin treatment. Multiple studies show that statins are linked to mitochondrial disturbances, which may be the cause of the muscle symptoms.

This year the research during the Four Days Marches of Maria Hopman and Eline Allard focussed on these statin users. The Four Days Marches are an unique setting to examine the effects of intense exercise on muscle functioning. One hundred participants were included in this study to gain more insight into the influence of statins on muscle performance. Statin users with muscle complaints were compared to asymptomatic statin users and non-statin users. Prior and during the Four Days Marches extensive measurements were performed to assess muscle function and muscle damage. Currently the analyses are being performed that hopefully will lead to a better understanding of statin-related muscle complaints.

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