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14 Feb 2019

Fellowship for Sara Roig Merino
Sara Roig Merino, theme Renal Disorders, has been awarded a Horizon 2020 Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual European Fellowship. Sara will work with Prof. Hoenderop, Departmen... read more >>

1 Nov 2018

Large Eurostars grant for Maria Hopman
Maria Hopman is going to set up an e-health program for cardiac rehabilitation together with Danish and Swiss companies. They received a Eurostar subsidy of 1.9 million euro... read more >>

Thijs Eisvogels 2 
30 Mar 2018

ZonMW consortium grant for Thijs Eijsvogels
The ZonMw Sport and Physical Activity Research Programme aims to strengthen multidisciplinary research in the field of sport and physical activity. A nation-wide consortium... read more >>

16 Feb 2018

Radboud Excellence Fellowship for Juan Rigalli
Juan Rigalli from the Ion Transport group has been awarded the Radboud Excellence Fellowship to carry on postdoctoral research at the Department of Physiology for a period o... read more >>

Kolff Jeroen 
5 Feb 2018

Grant for Jeroen de Baaij
Jeroen de Baaij obtained a Junior Kolff Fellowship of the Dutch Kidney Foundation (Nierstichting). Jeroen's research proposal 'HNF1β: master regulator of cili... read more >>

1 Jan 2018

Dekker grant for Vincent Aengevaeren
Vincent Aengevaeren obtained a Dekker grant (140 keuro) of the Dutch Heart Foundation. This competitive grant allows Vincent to perform his project title... read more >>

Joost Hoenderop.jpg 
1 Jan 2018

Consortium Grant for Joost Hoenderop
A nation-wide consortium of chronic kidney disease researchers has been awarded with a 1.7 million euro consortium grant from the Dutch Kidney Foundation (Nierstichting) an... read more >>

7 Dec 2017

4 MEuro for "Faster, Higher & Healthier"
In 2016, 121,000 people in the Netherlands sought emergency care for sports injuries. Every year, there are 4.5 million injuries in the Netherlands, accounting for ... read more >>

4 Dec 2017

Diabetes Fonds for Jeroen de Baaij
We proudly announce that Jeroen de Baaij obtained a Junior Fellowship from the Dutch Diabetes Research Foundation (Diabetes Fonds). Jeroen's research proposal 'ARL15: Th... read more >>

Thijs Eijsvogels.JPG 
27 Jul 2017

Senior E-Dekker grant for Thijs Eijsvogels
Thijs Eijsvogels obtained the Senior E-dekker grant (355 keuro) of the Dutch Heart Foundation. This competitive grant allows Thijs to start his own research group and t... read more >>

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