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New grant for Maria Hopman

CaRe 1 Nov 2018

Maria Hopman is going to set up an e-health program for cardiac rehabilitation together with Danish and Swiss companies. They received a Eurostar subsidy of 1.9 million euros for this. From 2021 the program will be available for physiotherapists and hospitals.

Every year, more than three million people in Europe have a heart attack. This is not the first time for half of them. These recurrent infarcts can largely be prevented by improving the lifestyle after the first heart attack. Patients often receive cardiac rehabilitation for this. These programs consist of movement exercises, combined with lifestyle advice. Cardiac rehabilitation is offered in specialized centers.

If all cardiac patients were to undergo cardiac rehabilitation, the estimate is that the mortality from myocardial infarctions could fall by 26 percent and hospital admissions by more than 30 percent. Despite these benefits, less than half of cardiac patients have cardiac rehabilitation. This is mainly because many people find the centers for cardiac rehabilitation too far away. There are also many objections to the limited possibility of following an individual program.

Research shows that a rehabilitation program via the internet can achieve the same results as rehabilitation in a center. An e-health application for cardiac rehabilitation could therefore remove many objections from patients. Such an application is now unavailable. With a Eurostar subsidy of 1.9 million euros, a European consortium of researchers and companies will set up CaRe, a mobile platform for cardiac rehabilitation.

CaRe is a collaboration between the Danish companies Welfare Denmark and Tutee, the Swiss company Ateleris and the research group of Maria Hopman of the Radboudumc. With the CaRe program, patients can rehabilitate at home. They can set their own goals, have contact with their therapist through the internet and follow an individual training program. The initiators of CaRe hope that this will increase the number of participants in cardiac rehabilitation.

CaRe is expected to be available worldwide from 2021 for physiotherapists and hospitals offering cardiac rehabilitation.

Eurostars is a European program of the Eureka network for the financing of projects led by a small or medium-sized company that spends at least 10% of its turnover or working hours on research activities.

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