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Eric Verschuren 
2 Jan 2019

Eric Verschuren published in The FASEB Journal
In a recent publication in The FASEB Journal, Eric Verschuren, Joost Hoenderop, Francisco Arjona and René Bindels from the Ion Transport team together with our collaborato... read more >>

Vincent paper 
11 May 2017

Circulation paper for Vincent and Thijs
Vincent Aengevaeren and Thijs Eijsvogels, from the Integrative Physiology group, published a study in the high impact journal Circulation. They assessed th... read more >>

Omar APSelect 
12 Jan 2016

Our paper in APSselect
The American Physiological Society selected our manuscript entitled "Alternative splice variant of the thiazide-sensitive NaCl cotransporter: a novel player in rena... read more >>

Thijs Eijsvogels.JPG 
10 Nov 2015

JAMA publication: Exercise is Medicine
Physical inactivity has been labelled a pandemic due to its increasing global prevalence and its health, economic, environmental, and social consequences. Th... read more >>

3 Apr 2014

PLoS Genetics paper
A multidisciplinary team composed of researchers from Radboudumc and Radboud University Nijmegen (The Netherlands), University of Vienna (Austria), University Children'... read more >>

30 Jul 2012

Arterial occlusion to improve exercise performance
In 2010, the Department of Physiology published the first data in humans that repeated cuff inflation around the legs, commonly referred to as ischemic preconditioning, ma... read more >>

7 Jul 2012

Mutation makes TRPM6 "deaf" for insulin
This months in PNAS Anil Nair (not on photo), Sjoerd Verkaart, Femke van Zeeland, René Bindels and Joost Hoenderop, together with colleagues from Germany... read more >>

Todd Alexander 
18 Apr 2012

Podcast of our AJP paper
Our recently published paper entitled " The epithelial sodium-proton exchanger, NHE3, is necessary for renal and intestinal calcium (re)absorption" was kindly promoted b... read more >>

Hoezo Radio 
12 May 2011

Biokid on the Radio
In April 2011, Rick Mutsaers published his paper entitled "Uremic toxins inhibit transport by Breast Cancer Resistance Protein and Multidrug Resistance Protein 4 a... read more >>

8 Jul 2009

New therapeutics for Nephrogenic Diabetes Insipidus
Peter Deen and his colleages have published in PNAS that non-peptide agonists constitute highly-promising therapeutics for diseases caused by misfolded G protein-couple... read more >>

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