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Our mission

Mission of the department of Physiology

The department of Physiology was newly formed in July 2003 and is a vibrant, growing department that pursues and promotes knowledge of how the human body functions through an understanding of biomolecules, cells, organs, and organisms. In the coming years the integration of the previously obtained knowledge will be central and formulated as Physiomics to the next level.


Mission statement

  • The department is committed to excellent and inspiring teaching of Physiology courses in the bachelor, master, Ph.D. and post-doc programs of the Radboud University Medical Center.
  • The department is committed to basic and clinically relevant research of the highest achievable level that ranges from molecules to humans with the aim to unravel (patho)physiological mechanisms to ultimately improve the quality of life for human beings of all ages.


Achieving the mission

To achieve this mission the following central goals have been set:

  • The department provides an international working environment that encourages focus, efficiency, innovation and ambition. Team spirit, working pleasure and personal education of employees are instrumental to achieve these goals.
  • The department has three research groups, i.e. Integrative Physiology, Ion Transport and Osmoregulation, which are mutually complementary and blossom in unity.



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