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Physiology teaching activities

Lectures in Physiology

The main teaching tasks of the department are in the Schools of Medicine, Biomedical Sciences and Dentistry. The Biomedical Sciences are differentiated in six majors Epidemiology, Health Technology Assessment, Human Movement Sciences, Human Pathobiology, Occupational and Environmental Health, and Toxicology) and each with three optional profiles (Research, Public Health and Communication).

The curricula are in general made up of 4-week courses with a central theme. The department participates in the courses shown below at both the Bachelor and Master levels.

New (international) Master courses have been developed for Biomedical Sciences and Molecular Mechanisms of Disease.

The department is also involved in the development and implementation of the curriculum Technical Medicine at the Technical University of Twente.

Our department recognizes the importance of attracting and training highly qualified students into the field of cellular, molecular, whole animal and human physiology. Our primary objective is to provide outstanding training across the broad discipline of physiology, by giving students an in-depth knowledge of the fundamental mechanisms and processes which underlie circulatory, renal, pulmonary and smooth muscle function in wellness and in disease. Graduates of this program are prepared to contribute to achievement of the long-term goals of developing improved strategies for prevention and control of these diseases. Moreover, our graduates are trained to become leaders in physiology research in the 21st century.

A large number of students perform their traineeship and research projects at the Department of Physiology on human in vivo studies, and patient-related and cell physiological topics. In addition, many students perform their practical training abroad, including Sydney Australia, Gold Coast Australia, Dunedin New Zealand, NIH Bethesda USA, Miami USA, Dallas USA, Hamilton Canada, Copenhagen Denmark, and many other places. The staff members of the department gladly supervise these internships abroad.

Main physiology courses

5O101 Circulation and respiration I (5O101) Prof.dr. R. Bindels
5O102 Metabolism and electrolyte homeostasis (5O102) Prof.dr. R. Bindels
5O103 Movement and movement control (5O103) Prof.dr. M. Hopman
KMP4 Transmembrane transport and signals (KMP4) Prof.dr. P. Deen
KMR4 Oxygen: the difference between life and death (KMR4) Prof.dr. J. Hoenderop
DT03 Movement science (DT03) Prof.dr. M. Hopman
Capita Selecta Capita Selecta Prof.dr. J. Hoenderop
PathophysiologyofthekidneY Pathophysiology of the kidney Prof.dr. P. Deen



























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