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PhD candidate

Eline Allard M.Sc.

PhD candidate
Eline Allard

Throughout my medicine study my desire to understand underlying mechanisms of diseases and symptoms strengthened. The Honours programme allowed me to develop my scientific passion. My interest for statins and their side-effects originates from a research project on statins that I performed during my general practitioner internship. The extensive number of invalidating side-effects of this frequently prescribed medication has been a true eye-opener. 

During my master I performed an internship with the Integrative Physiology group on the effect of different blister treatments during the Four Days Marches. During this internship I applied for the PhD proposal grant of the Radboudumc, which was awarded to my project. With this PhD project I am investigating if disturbances in mitochondrial function are associated with statin associated muscle symptoms, and whether exercise training can be used to counteract these complaints. 

I am combining my PhD with my training to become a general practitioner, which allows me to translate the gained scientific knowledge into clinical practice. 



To contact the department of Physiology click here
To visit the department of Physiology click here.

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