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Daisy's Internship

Experience of Daisy Ermers


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Biomedical Sciences

Radboud Honours Program Medical Sciences

As part of the Radboud Honours Program Medical Sciences I performed an internship at the department of Nephrology in Edmonton, Canada, which was organized by the Physiology department in Nijmegen. I started my internship in Nijmegen, where I learned how to independently perform several basic techniques such as RNA isolations and realtime-PCRs. This period in the lab in Nijmegen also gave me the chance to increase my knowledge on intestinal and renal physiology. With these basic laboratory skills and my refreshed physiological knowledge I left the lab in Nijmegen to start my internship in Canada. Here, I am working on a project concerning claudin 14, a protein involved in renal calcium handling, which is very interesting. I am working on this topic together with several colleagues and it is a lot of fun collaborating with a group of scientists in a team! Besides the many hours I spend in the laboratory, I also have time to go sightseeing, to meet new people and to enjoy the Canadian culture (i.e. drink their beers). I can honestly say that this internship was an awesome experience. I am finishing my bachelor, boosting my CV, improving my English skills and while at the same time I'm having fun, I met new people and got to see Canada! So my advice for everyone is: when you have the opportunity to go abroad, don't hesitate but go for it!



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To visit the department of Physiology click here.

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