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Jean's Internship

Experience of Jean Nyakayiru


Bachelor Internship Liverpool (UK)Jean

Biomedical Sciences

Master Clinical Human Movement Sciences

During my master in Clinical Human Movement Science, I performed my major internship at the Liverpool John Moores University in Great Brittan at the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences. I was able to arrange this internship through the Department of Physiology by Prof Maria Hopman. During the internship I focussed on different aspects of research such as writing a research proposal for the ethical committee, recruiting subjects and learning how to perform innovative measuring methods. In addition to my time at the University, I was also able to visit different tourist attractions in Liverpool and other cities such as the Olympic games that were held in London. Due to all these activities that kept me busy, the 7 months that I was there were over before I even knew it. It also turned out to be an experience that gave a positive boost to my CV, because after graduating I got employed to work at the department of Physiology (group Integrative Physiology).      






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