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Francisco Arjona Ph.D.

Post doc
Francisco Arjona

Francisco J. Arjona Madueño obtained his Ph.D. degree in the field of Animal Physiology in the University of Cádiz (Spain). During his Ph.D. research (2005-2009) he studied the control of the osmoregulatory function in the Senegalese sole by endocrine and environmental factors. In 2009 he wrote a project proposal for two years to elucidate the mechanisms by which thyroid hormones traverse plasma membranes in zebrafish. The proposal was granted by the Ramón Areces Foundation (Spain) and allowed him to conduct his research in the group of Prof. Gert Flik at the Department of Animal Physiology (Radboud University Nijmegen). From the 1st October 2011 Francisco joined the ion transport group at the Department of Physiology to investigate the in vivo relevance of novel Mg2+ channels and transporters using zebrafish as biological model.    

Related publications

  • CNNM2 mutations cause impaired brain development and seizures in patients with hypomagnesemia.
    Arjona FJ, de Baaij JH, Schlingmann KP, Lameris AL, van Wijk E, Flik G, Regele S, Korenke GC, Neophytou, Rust S, Reintjes N, Konrad M, Bindels RJ and Hoenderop JG.
    documentPLoS Genet 4: e1004267, 2014


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