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Assistant Professor

Jeroen de Baaij Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Jeroen de Baaij M.Sc.
Jeroen de Baaij (1987) is a physiologist interested in the molecular and genetic origin of renal electrolyte disorders, including hypomagnesemia. He obtained his master's degree in Physiology and Pathophysiology at the University Pierre and Marie Curie in Paris, France in 2010. Subsequently, his PhD project in the Ion Transport group focused on the identification and characterization of new genes involved in renal magnesium reabsorption. His work resulted in the thesis "The Distal Convoluted Tubule: The Art of Magnesium Transport" reporting new advances on TRPM6, CNNM2, PCBD1 and other magnesiotropic proteins. As postdoctoral researcher, Jeroen is dedicated to identify the genetic origin of disease in patients with sodium and magnesium disturbances. By next generation sequencing techniques, he aims to identify new genes or new regulatory pathways in sodium and magnesium (re)absorption in the kidney and intestine.
Thesis: "The distal convoluted tubule: the art of magnesium transport", 2015.

Related publications

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  • CNNM2 mutations cause impaired brain development and seizures in patients with hypomagnesemia.
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