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Post doc

Sara Roig Merino Ph.D.

Post doc
Sara Roig Merino

Sara R. Roig obtained her Master's degree in Experimental Biology (2012), Master's degree in Biomedicine (2012) and her PhD degree in Biomedicine (2017) at the University of Barcelona. The main goal of her PhD project was to decipher the regulation of the voltage-gated potassium channel Kv1.3 by specific auxiliary subunits. Regarding its relevance in T-lymphocytes physiology, and the coexpression of such accessory subunits, she elucidated the molecular determinants for the trafficking, submembrane distribution and electrophysiological activity of the channel-subunit composition. Nowadays, Sara R. Roig joined the Ion Transport Group as a postdoc to investigate on TRP channels physiology.



To contact the department of Physiology click here
To visit the department of Physiology click here.

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