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  • Increased NEFA levels reduce blood Mg2+ in hypertriacylglycerolaemic states via direct binding of NEFA to Mg2+.
    Kurstjens S, de Baaij J, Overmars-Bos C, van den Munckhof I, Garzero V, de Vries M, Burggraaf B, van Diepen J, Riksen N, Rutten J, Netea M, Cabezas M, Bindels R, Ashcroft F, Tack C and Hoenderop J.
    documentDiabetologica 62: 311–321, 2019
  • SLC41A1 is essential for magnesium homeostasis in vivo.
    Arjano FJ, Latta F, Mohammed SG, Thomassen M, van Wijk E, Bindels RJ, Hoenderop JG and de Baaij J.
    documentPflügers Archiv xx: xx-xx, 2019
  • Polycystin-1 dysfunction impairs electrolyte and water handling in a renal pre-cystic mouse model for ADPKD.
    Verschuren EH, Mohammed SG, Leonhard WN, Overmars-Bos C, Veraar K, Hoenderop JG, Bindels RJ, Peters DJ and Arjona FJ.
    documentAm J Physiol Renal Physiol 315: F537-F546, 2018
  • A de novo KCNAT mutation in a patient with tetany and hypomagnesemia.
    van der Wijst J, Konrad M, Verkaart SA, Tkaczyk M, Latta F, Altmüller J, Thiele H, Beck B, Schlingmann JP and de Baaij JH.
    documentNephron 139: 359-366, 2018
  • Dominant functional role of the novel phosphorylation site S811 in the human renal NaCl cotransporter.
    Tutakhel OA, Bianchi, F, Smits DA, Bindels RJ, Hoenderop JG and van der Wijst J.
    documentFASEB J 32: 4482-4493, 2018
  • Renal sodium and magnesium reabsorption are not coupled in a mouse model of Gordon syndrome.
    van Megen WH, Grimm PR, Welling PA and van der Wijst J.
    documentPhysiol Rep 6: e13728, 2018
  • Effects of a high-sodium/low-potassium diet on renal calcium, magnesium, and phosphate handling.
    van der Wijst J, Tutakhel OA, Bos C, Danser AH, Hoorn EJ, Hoenderop JG and Bindels RJ.
    documentAm J Physiol Renal Physiol 315: F110-F122, 2018
  • Transcription factor HNF1s regulates expression of the calcium-sensing receptor in the thick ascending limb of the kidney.
    Kompatscher A, de Baaij JH, Aboudehen K, Farahani S, van Son LH, Milatz S, Himmerkus N, Veenstra GC, Bindels RJ and Hoenderop JG.
    documentAm J Physiol Renal Physiol 315: F27-F35, 2018
  • CrossTalk opposing view: CNNM proteins are not Na+/Mg2+ exchangers but Mg2+ transport regulators playing a central role in transepithelial Mg2+ (re)absorption.
    Arjona FJ and de Baaij JH.
    documentJ Physiol 596: 747-750, 2018
  • Rebuttal from Francisco J. Arjona and Jeroen H. F. de Baaij.
    Arjona FJ and de Baaij JH.
    documentJ Physiol 596: 753-754, 2018

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