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  • Localization and functional characterization of glycosaminoglycan domains in the normal human kidney as revealed by phage display-derived single chain antibodies.
    Lensen JF, Rops AL, Wijnhoven TJ, Hafmans T, Feitz WF, Oosterwijk E, Banas B, Bindels RJ, van den Heuvel LP, van der Vlag J, Berden JH, and van Kuppevelt TH.
    documentJ Am Soc Nephrol 16: 1279-1288, 2005
  • Epithelial Ca2+ and Mg2+ channels in health and disease.
    Hoenderop JG and Bindels RJ.
    documentJ Am Soc Nephrol 16: 15-26, 2005
  • Hypervitaminosis D mediates compensatory calcium hyperabsorption in TRPV5 knockout mice.
    Renkema K, Nijenhuis T, van der Eerden B, van der Kemp A, van Leeuwen J, Bindels RJ, and Hoenderop JG.
    documentJ Am Soc Nephrol 16: 3188-3195, 2005
  • Tissue kallikrein-deficient mice display a defect in renal tubular calcium absorption.
    Picard N, Van Abel M, Campone C, Seiler M, Bloch-Faure M, Hoenderop JG, Loffing J, Meneton P, Bindels RJ, Paillard M, Alhenc-Gelas F, and Houillier P.
    documentJ Am Soc Nephrol 16: 3602-3610, 2005
  • Enhanced passive calcium reabsorption and reduced magnesium channel abundance explains thiazide-induced hypocalciuria and hypomagnesemia.
    Nijenhuis T, Vallon V, van der Kemp AW, Loffing J, Hoenderop JG, and Bindels RJ.
    documentJ Clin Invest 115: 1651-1658, 2005
  • Coordinated control of renal calcium transport proteins by parathyroid hormone.
    van Abel M, Hoenderop JG, van der Kemp AM, Friedlander MM, van Leeuwen JP and Bindels RJ.
    documentKidney Int 68: 1708-1721, 2005
  • The epithelial calcium channels TRPV5 and TRPV6: regulation and implications for disease.
    van Abel M, Hoenderop JG, and Bindels RJ.
    documentNaunyn Schmiedebergs Arch Pharmacol 371: 295-306, 2005
  • Is vitamin D indispensable for Ca2+ homeostasis: lessons from knockout mouse models?
    Hoenderop JG and Bindels RJ.
    documentNephrol Dial Transpl 20: 864-867, 2005
  • Characterization of a Madin-Darby canine kidney cell line stably expressing TRPV5.
    den Dekker E, Schoeber J, Topala CN, van de Graaf SF, Hoenderop JG, and Bindels RJ.
    documentPflugers Arch 450: 236-244, 2005
  • TRPV5 and TRPV6 in calcium (re)absorption: regulating calcium entry at the gate.
    Nijenhuis T, Hoenderop JG, and Bindels RJ.
    documentPflügers Archiv 451: 181-192, 2005

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